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Do It Yourself

I've put this section up to document the odd jobs that Elise owners have done themselves. If you've done any work on your car and can provide a description, preferrably with pictures, then drop me a line to include it here:
Driving light covers
Sticking Armourfend to your driving lights won't protect them. Here's how to do it properly.

Headlamp replacement
Replacing a headlamp on the Elise S1.

Headlight warning buzzer
Quick and cheap to do. Never have a flat battery again.

Fitting stainless steel fixings
The sizes and numbers of fixings required to replace all those fixings on the Elise that are prone to corrosion.

Making a hardtop storage bag
Lets face it, most Elise owners are strapped for cash (we'd be driving McLaren F1's if we weren't). For £30 you can make your own storage bag and save the pennies for bits to improve performance.

Fitting the headlight covers
No longer supplied as standard, the headlight covers from the Lotus 'Original Performance Products' catalogue can be fitted to the standard car.

Fitting a radio into the Elise
Forgot to order the radio fitting kit option but now want some in-car entertainment or just want to install the head unit yourself.

Fitting a new exhaust
Want to upgrade to a sports exhaust or stainless steel one? Here's how to do it.

Fitting braided steel brake hosesRemote site
Rob Earle's on-line guide.

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