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About This Website

This web site is run by Robert Collingridge and has no connection with Lotus CarsRemote site. I make no guarantees that the information contained here is accurate and accept no liability for any damage or injury, resulting from any interpretation of this information. All views expressed are the author's unless stated otherwise.

This is the longest running Lotus Elise 'fan' site on the internet and has been around since 1997. The site contains now over 150Mbytes of Elise related information and images.

There are a lot of links on this site and to make navigation clearer, all 'off-site' links are followed by a symbol. All mailto: links are followed by a symbol.

Through early 2009, the site will be under-going a huge update and restyling exercise. The plan is to migrate all of the pages away from static HTML to dyn amic web pages. The goal is to then add new interactive features and services in the following months.

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