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Headlamp Replacement

First of all, park the car facing a wall with the lights on and mark the beam pattern on the wall. This will simplify correct alignment of the new lamp.

Remove the wheel and wheelarch liner to allow easy access to the back of the headlamp. It is just possible to get at the butterfly screws without removing this by getting your fingers in behind the liner at about a 2 o'clock position and just pulling it down. This leaves a gap big enough to get your hand and arm through in order to undo the screws.

Remove the bulb through the little hatch provided. Pull down the liner and undo the screws being very careful not to drop any of the screws or retaining springs. They are very difficult to retreive once dropped. Make marks on the clamp holding the headlight to indicate how to position the new headlight (this is important for alignment). Detach the frame and attach it aligned correctly to the new headlight (you may have to snap a small lug off of the new light surround).

Then it is a case of reversing the removal procedure. This is difficult as it is hard to align all three of the holes in the frame with the screws, in order to locate the headlight. Once fitted, align the light beam using the marks previously made on the wall.


Paul Bent
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