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Driving Light Covers

The driving lights on the Elise cost about £110 each so you really don't want to replace them too often. This is a shame, because they are ideally placed to get smashed by stones, being about 10" from the ground. Armourfend sell a protective film for these lights which will go a fair way to protecting them but I wanted something that was bullet proof, literally. Phoning around I came up with a plastics company that will sell me some 100mm diameter disks of 3mm thick Lexan (as used in riot shields) for a very reasonable price.

As you can see from the following picture, there is not a lot of room around the light to fix anything:

Since I started looking at this idea, several people have started selling polycarbonate protective lenses so rather that go down the route of making my own I got mine from NTC Cars. They are a bargain at £30 including VAT and P&P.

Having cleaned the lights with white spirit and then a dry cloth, I followed the instructions provided and literally fitted both in about ten seconds. As you can see from the picture below, they are virtually invisable and the fitting mechanism means there is no way they will fall off. They leave a 4-5mm gap between the cover and the lens of the lamp whcih should protect it from just about anything.


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