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Hardtop Storage Bag

So far I've bought three fabrics; a water/dust proof nylon layer, a one inch thick padding layer and a soft cotton/nylon liner to stop the catches and edges ripping the padding. You could just use two if you can find a suitable quilted, padding material but, with three layers it's easier to hide the edges. Each piece is 3m long by about 54" wide. You will also need 6m of nylon strapping (>1" wide, as used on rucksacks, etc.) and four D-hooks to fix to the strapping. The common materials were bought from a fabric warehouse but the specialist materials were bought from Pennine Outdoor (Tel. 01484 689100), an outdoor material and accessory specialist supplier. Total materials cost was less than £30. A good place to buy these sorts of materials from is Pennine OutdoorRemote site.

The hardtop costs nearly £1250 and weighs 10.5Kg so I'm over engineering the supporting straps, just in case. The design has two folds for the front, back and lid. The bag is held to the wall with the nylon strapping which loops down the back of the bag and up the front to form four ends with D-loops for two hanging points. The bag will protect the roof and the nylon straps will take the weight. A strip of velcro will hold the lid/flap in place to keep out the dust. I've also added a couple of pockets for the clamping bar and the bolts. It will look something like this (hardtop outlined in green):


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