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My Owners Diary January 1999

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9th January 1999

Dropped into to see Paul Jenkinson and have a look at the Elise headlight covers to see how they could be fitted. Took a few pictures and have added a DIY guide to the site. The car looks much better with them on and I'm going to order mine to fit myself when my car arrives.

11th January 1999

There's a new Norfolk Mustard Elise now only 500 yards from where I live. These things are starting to get common.

21st January 1999

So it finally official! An Elise with a VVC engine will be at the Geneva show and all dealers now have the draft specification. Provisionally it is called the Elise Sprint. It will have the VVC, 143bhp engine, radio fitting kit, driving lights, close ratio gear box (1st and 2nd changed only, not 5th like 135 Sport), wider wheels and tyres with wider wheel arches to accommodate them. It will also have a new front grille, GRP engine cover (to accommodate the new engine), extended rear spoiler, smoked indicators, silver roll bar (as 135 Sport), headlamp covers, and the Lotus alloy window winders. Cost will be approximately £28,750 and 0-60 time is quoted at 5.1 seconds.

29th January 1999

Well I must be getting old and sensible now, joined the local section of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Still that's what happens when you hit thirty something I guess. At least they've got regular access to a skid pan. Not quite sure my current driving style is going to fit in too well but, you're never too old to learn as they say.

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