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My Owners Diary February 1999

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5th February 1999

Looks like Lotus are going build the 340R, with delivery due late October '99, just in time for winter. Latest press blurb claims a 0-100mph time of 7 seconds which should just about be achievable if the target weight of 500kg is met (the Elise target weight was 600kg!). It will use a road legal version of the Sport 190bhp VHPD K-series engine but the road legal stuff will strangle it down to about 170bhp. Lotus will be providing a kit to unleash the full power if required and may even provide some sort of tonneau. If only I had the 5000 non-refundable deposit.

14th February 1999

Got the number plate allocated to my Elise so I can sort out the insurance now. EVO magazine printed my e-mail about their performance upgrade reviews. Good job they didn't publish it all!

19th February 1999

Found out my car has been delayed somehow and I'm now not likely to get it until early April. I'm not a happy man as my wife goes back to work at the start of March and I'm left without a car. This also means that all my insurance quotes are invalid since they will have expired. Will have to do some serious chasing now.

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