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My Owners Diary March 1999

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5th March 1999

Got no satisfactory answer from Long Stratton as to when my car is going to arrive so went straight to Lotus Cars and spoke to the sales and marketing department. Have had no complaints with my local dealership so far and this was unexpected.

8th March 1999

Didn't get a call back from Lotus Sales and Marketing (Tel. 01953 608450) as promised, so chased them up again. Went off to investigate and promised to call me back later today. Got a call back from my dealer (on behalf of Lotus Cars) and I will now get the car on 1st April. They also confirmed that the car had gone up £250 but because my car is already specified I will pay the original, agreed price. I'm glad about that.

15th March 1999

Spoke to my dealer again this morning to check when the insurance documents are required by. It's now moved to the 2nd of April, but at least I've got a chassis number. All being well, I've got the Easter holiday to run it in!

24th March 1999

Got my insurance sorted today and sent the cover note off to Long Stratton Motors so they can tax the car for me. Paid £445 with Eagle Star Direct (not the cheapest policy but one of the best). I can't believe it's getting so close after all this time. If I'd had a pound for every time someone asked me if I'd got my car yet, I'd honestly have paid for it by now and have change left over for an engine upgrade. Also booked a session on the local skid pan for end of May as a guest of an MR2 owners club. Should be a laugh.

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