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Diary June 2005

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4th June 2005

There is a very interesting roof design on the Ferrari Superamerica and I'm surprised it has not been seen on a car before. It's basically L-shape with the rear window being part of the roof. The clever bit is that it pivots half way up the rear window, meaning it can simply be rotated to remove the roof and leave it sitting on the rear desk. It is also electrically operated and has electric tint control. It particularly caught my eye as a light-weight and manual version of this roof would be ideally suited to the new S3 Elise. The Elise chassi and layout is very similar to that of the Ferrari.

Talking of the S3 Elise, work must be well under way by now. I'm just praying that there will be two versions, or at least a very basic base version, without ABS, and all the othe bits and pieces that have increased its weight so significantly. I'm hoping Lotus Cars realise that they need a lighter and more focussed version of the Elise to keep a significant part of its former customer base. It is going to have to be very special to tempt me back into Lotus ownership though as my Fisher FuryRemote site chassis arrives next month and I start my build in earnest and the prospect of more than 400bhp/ton is going to be hard to compete with.

12th June 2005

Lotus announce a new track car. Nice to see Lotus going back to their core 'less is more' philosophy with a 600Kg track car. No windscreen, no doors but my guess is an expensive price tag. More details on PistonheadsRemote site. Let's hope Lotus learnt from the 340R saga and treat their customers a little bit better on this one. I expect a few development 'issues' on my own, self-build track car but I'd not be happy to be a guinea pig on a 40,000 track day car. And yes I know the 'brochure' doesn't say 40,000 but, have you seen the options list!

28th June 2005

PistonheadsRemote site have a very good review of the Exige 240R. All 50 have now been sold. Scarily, it weighs in at 930Kg.

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