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Diary July 2005

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7th July 2005

I've just ordered a new car. Superb handling and 400bhp/ton, 0-60mph in less than 3.5 seconds and 0-100mph in less than 8.5 seconds. And all this from 998cc under the bonnet. The only down side is that it may take some time to put my Fisher Fury R1Remote site together. Can't wait and I haven't been this excited about opening the garage door since I sold my Elise.

13th July 2005

I've just bought a set of 13" Compomotive CRX alloys with four Yokohama A048's fitted and balanced for £705 delivered.

16th July 2005

Details of the new USA 2006 Elise are out on the web. The 'new' 2006 USA Elise will feature:

  • Lotus Traction Control ($495) Designed to modulate power through the engine control module to reduce rear wheel spin, LTC can be disabled via an center console switch.
  • Limited Slip Differential with Lotus Traction Control ($1790) Torsen-type limited slip differential designed to distribute power more evenly between the rear tyres to allow more aggressive acceleration out of low speed corners in autocross-type driving.
  • Forged Wheels ($1695) Finished in High Power Silver, the new, lighter-weight wheel option reduces un-sprung weight
  • Black Pack ($250) A matt-black finish on the standard cast aluminum wheels and rear underbody diffuser add to the Elise's aggressive appearance
  • Air Conditioning Delete ($250) Shaves an additional 20 pounds from the already 'light-weight' Elise.
  • Daytime driving lights (Standard).
  • LED tail lights with integrated reflectors (Standard).
  • Upgraded ProBax seat padding from NuBax for increased seating comfort.

It would appear our American cousins can't get enough options boxes to tick, so Lotus have given them a few more! Charging $250 to 'remove' the air-conditioning is taking the biscuit somewhat.

29th July 2005

Got an e-mail from Rob KonickRemote site. Rob has the unenviable reputation of probably being the owner of the first US Elise to be written off. He is lucky to be around to tell the tale. This is yet another testimony to the Elise chassis design and its inherent strength.

30th July 2005

My Nitron springs and dampers arrived for my Fury today. These things are an automotive work of art!

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