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Lotus Elise Sport 135

The Sport 135 was first launched as a limited run of 50 in November 1998, VIN: X 5401 - 5450. It has some engine enhancements to increase the power to a claimed 135bhp (though it is actually close to 145bhp). Other additions include close-ratio gearbox, sports exhaust, drilled brake discs (cast iron), blue tinted metalic silver paint (Quicksilver), dark blue hood, corbeau sport seats, silver roll over bar, racing steering wheel, headlamp covers, driving lights, category 1 alarm and unique Sport 135 body graphics. The catalytic converter is replaced by a through pipe which means the car has to be homologated and this is the main reason for the limited first production run.

The second batch of cars were produced for the 1999 year (VIN: X 6001 - 6035) and had 111S wheels, tyres and spats, black painted fuel filler cap, matt finish alloy gear knob and Sport 135 '99' decals.

The Sport 135 engine upgrade (Lotus Stage II) is also available as an after market option as are all of the other components.

It should be noted that there are at least 5 owners that have had head gasket failures on the original Sport 135 models. Lotus originally stated that the after-market upgrade should only be fitted after the run-in period had been completed. Obviously this was not the case on the original Sport 135 models.

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