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Lotus Elise S2 Sport 135R

May 2003

Lotus Sport Elise 135R

The 'R' Factor

Developed by Lotus Sport and Performance in conjunction with the Lotus Ride and Handling team, the Lotus Sport Elise 135R has been designed to provide ultimate performance both on and off the track. Engine, suspension, wheel and tyre upgrades all contribute to what can only be described as the ultimate road and track Elise. Offering a more direct feel, the 135R affords the enthusiast driver with more immediate and sharper responses, developed to deliver exceptional driver involvement.

With an ever increasing amount of Lotus owners demanding more of their cars, Lotus set out to develop an Elise that would exceed all expectations. The Lotus Ride and Handling team has developed a sports suspension set-up giving its user total control over ride height settings to maximise the cars performance in any environment. Following on from this, Lotus Sport and Performance has redesigned the flow characteristics of the cylinder head specifically for the 135R to offer greater flexibility throughout the rev range.

In addition to the engine modifications, the 3-piece F1 style diffuser and exhaust system has been utilised to further enhance the performance and character of the car. Despite its exhilarating performance, the 135R manages to remain a very usable road car for everyday use, offering the driver the best of both worlds.

Launched at dealerships around the country on 1st May 2003, the Lotus Sport Elise 135R will be built as a 'special edition' (denoted by the Lotus Sport chassis plate fixed into the passenger footwell) and as such will only be available in limited numbers. The specification of the car is as follows:

The power output of the engine is 135bhp. This has been achieved by modifying the ports of the cylinder head to improve gas flow, mixture and cylinder filling. The standard intake manifold has been replaced by a cast alloy version as used on the 111 range. Alongside a reprogrammed ECU these modifications further improve the Elise's 'engine breathing' allowing the driver to explore maximum engine revs in all gears increasing driver enjoyment, especially during track use.

Lotus' world famous Ride and Handling team has developed an optimum set-up for both road and track use. The Elise's Bilstein dampers have been re-calibrated to give stiffer bump and rebound settings. The dampers are also fitted with adjustable upper spring platforms threaded onto the damper itself, offering a wide range of settings for any use. A stiffer 'Motorsport' adjustable anti-roll bar has also been fitted to provide optimum steering response.

Wheels & Tyres
The Lotus Sport Elise 135R is fitted with O.Z. Racing one piece lightweight cast alloy 16-spoke wheels. While the rear wheel size remains unchanged the front wheel size has increased from 5.5 inches to 6.5 inches to give a more positive turn-in during track conditions. The O.Z. wheels are fitted with Yokohama AO48 tyres which have been developed in conjunction with Lotus to suit the requirements of the performance driver, with special emphasis on track use.

Externally the 135R will be recognisable by its striking colour and decals. Available in two new colours only, Silver Mica and Blue Mica, the 135R is fitted with two Lotus Sport 135R decals above each side repeater lamp and a larger decal at the rear. The F1 style diffuser has been utilised to accentuate aerodynamic performance.

Fitting its special edition status, the 135R has a bespoke interior limited to this model only. The instrument binnacle and column cowlings are trimmed in blue Alcantara, as are the seats with additional carbon leather trim and unique embroidery. Blue footwell carpets, embroidered with the 135R logo, are removable for track days.


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