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The Lotus Exige

Officially launched by Lotus at Brandshatch at the first round of the Lotus Motorsport Elise race series (9th April 2000). This fixed roof coupe has the same 170bhp engine as the 340R with option to upgrade to 190bhp. It features Lotus sport suspension, the close ratio gearbox and anthracite wheels. Large carbon rear wing similiar to Esprit 350 Sport. Optional sports exhaust and 340R style seats available.

It will reach 60mph in a claimed 4.7 seconds and shares a lot of technology from the Motorsport Elise car with several cooling intakes added including one on the roof. A lightweight glass fibre reinforced composite body is used featuring a deeper front splitter and a high level rear wing, giving improved downforce characteristics whilst minising drag. The polycarbonate tailgate allows you to see the engine (like the Ferrari 360). It also features a higher geared steering rack (2.3 turns lock to lock) than the standard Elise.

Estimate price is 33,000 with first deliveries expected in July 2000. The option list is similar to the 340R but doesn't include a 190bhp upgrade yet.

As of October 2000, air-conditioning was made a standard fitment on the Exige.

A view of the Exige seats

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