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Lotus Elise 340R

Not really an Elise but it is based on the same chassis and called the Elise 340R by Lotus. This car was launched at the Hippodrome in London on 12th August 1999. First called the 340R due to it's power to weight ratio (170bhp and 500kg), this car actually weighed in at over 600kg at launch and about 180bhp. Only 340 are now going to be built. 65% of these cars had been sold at time of launch and production starts in December 1999. List price is £35,000. Latest news is that only 6 remain unsold as of 18th October 1999.

I've now seen a production version of this car and the overall finsih and build quality is excellent. Re 340R rear screen. I understand (from Lotus Customer Services), the small rear screen is purely to satisfy some type aproval regs. There is some specification concerning dimension between rear of vehicle and rear window.

The standard car gives 179bhp and the addition of the power enhancement as part of the track pack (uprated ECU, no cat, motorsports silencer, 101 inlet cam pulley, 82deg t'stat, oil breather catch tank) give 195bhp. The dry weight of the standard car is 658kg, the power enhanced version being about 5kg less due to the lighter exhaust. The full track prepared car, stripped out and with the track pack weighs 571kg.

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