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Elise Trivia

  • An Elise front wheel and tyre weighs 36lbs. An Elise rear wheel and tyre weighs 43lbs.
  • Elise wishbones weigh 3 times more than those on the Lotus 7.
  • The Lotus Elise hardtop weighs 10.5Kg.

Lotuses by James Bush

Lotuses are wonderful,
Lotuses handle great,
If you use them every day,
Sooner or later they break.

Some Lotuses have turbos,
Some Lotuses have none,
If you buy one from a dealer,
You're likely to get done.

Lotus never compromise,
Their objective always pace,
If you drive them hard enough,
You wont even finish the race.

When driving such a wonderfull car,
The throttle needs a flooring,
One thing you cant say of these things,
Is that they are at all boring.

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