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Elise Owners Tips

Apologies if any of these are really obvious but you never know ... (in no particular order)
  • Check your tyre pressures at least once a week. The Elise handles very differently with small variations in tyre pressures and the onset of cold weather does make a big difference.

  • The Elise carpet mats stop your heels sliding around on the floor and also make it more comfortable. They have the added benefit of stopping the booming noises from the floor.

  • If you park your car in a garage, put some old carpet on the garage wall to protect your paintwork. The doors needs to be opened a long way to get in and out and its far to easy to bang it on the wall.

  • Getting in and out of the Elise is a lot easier if you slide the drivers seat fully back first.

  • If the fuel tank is full and the pump 'clicks' off, don't try and put any more in or you will get wet feet.

  • Before you tension the soft-top with an allen key make sure the pins are properly located. If they aren't you will take a nice chunk out of the bodywork.

  • If your car is wet or the brakes very hot, park your car with the handbrake off if you can. Like all cars, the wet disks will bind to the pads given a few hours to corrode.

  • If you are going to keep your Elise for any length of time then change the zinc plated fasteners for stainless-steel equivalents while you can. Adrian Rose has kindly listed them on his web site.

  • If you are unlucky enough to need a new windscreen, make sure the driving mirror is put back in it's original location, i.e. not in the centre of the screen. Once fixed it cannot be removed without replacing the screen.

  • If at all possible don't park in a double row in car park. Some plonker is bound to not see your Elise and bump into it. Similarly, avoid parking against the kerb, between 4x4's and vans.

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