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Running The Elise In

According to the manual you should run the car in gently for 600 miles and most dealers say below 3000rpm for 1000 miles. Not only is this frustrating and hard to acheive, this is also not the whole story and is being very cautious. If you labour the engine at low revs you will do more damage than good. The key thing is to not exceed 3000rpm when the engine is cold and to aim not to exceed 4000rpm for the first 600-1000 miles on a prologed or regular basis. The occasional foray into the 5000 or 6000rpm mark will actually help bed things in but must only be done when the engine is warm. Even when run in you should never highly rev any cold engine. Running the engine at a constant speed, i.e. on a motorway is also not a good idea during the run in period.
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