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Pre-delivery Checks

S2 Checks

Most of the S1 checks below apply but some S" specific checks are:
  1. Check the stereo keeps its presets when you turn the ignition off. The stereo is a dealer fit and requires the permanent live and switched live to be the right way round.
  2. If a Sports Tourer make sure the carpets are stuck down properly.
  3. If possible check the lights alignment.

S1 Checks

Apart from the usual list of things to check on picking up your Elise (electrics, paint finish, etc.), make sure you check the following:
  1. Window winder operation on both sides of the car. These should not be stiff.
  2. Turn on the heater and check air temperature and flow onto both the screen and floor. If the heater packaging has been left in place, it will snow!
  3. Check the alarm operates as expected with no false triggers. The optional Cobra alarm system is fairly complex in operation.
  4. Check BOTH door locks work freely and easily.
  5. Check the boot release is not stiff. If it is it needs lubricating.
  6. Check the soft top fits correctly. If you ordered a hard-top you will have to do this when you get home. Be careful the rear window doesn't fall out as you change tops. Be careful to check the pins are located in the butress brackets correctly before you tension the soft-top. If you don't you will scratch the paintwork badly. New Elises now have a protective clear plastic surround but this wont save your paintwork if the pins are not located correctly. Read the manual, most leaks are due to poor fitting.
  7. If you ordered the hard-top make sure you get a roll-bar cover. If it's wrapped in protective packaging, take it out and check it before you leave.
  8. Make sure the dealer gives you the alarm fitting certificate and manual. You insurance company may want to see this.
  9. You get your insurance certificate back (they need one to tax the car).
  10. You get a certificate of conformity from the dealer and the registration documents.
  11. Don't forget to buy some touch up paint.
Finally, if you pick your car up in the wet, be careful! The car takes a bit of getting used to and new tyres have little grip.
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