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Internet Forums

British Car Forum (BCF)Remote siteCovers all marques but has a Lotus section. Relatively new (started Feb 2001).
British Cars BBSRemote siteCovers all marques but has a Lotus and Elise section. Currently the biggest on-line forum but has it's fair share of junk postings.
Elise TalkRemote siteFormed in late 2003, largely USA based, big following.
Lotus Exige Bulletin BoardRemote siteForum for discussion about all things Exige.
Lotus BBSRemote siteForum for discussion about Lotus cars.
German Lotus BBSRemote siteIn German.
Pure SportscarRemote siteUS based forum about the Elise.
The Midlands RunRemote siteA social/driving club for Lotus car owners in the Midlands.
The Midlands RunRemote siteNorth Yorkshire Lotus Owners Club (NYLOC)
U.S. Elise Message BoardRemote siteUS based Lotus Elise BBS.
The South RunRemote siteThe meet, eat and drive event for Lotus Car owners in the South of the UK.
Scottish Elise OwnersRemote siteSocial Elise events in Scotland.

There is only really one NNTP newsgroup dedicated to Lotus cars and that's ''. Over the last two years it has steadily declined in terms of the number of postings and hence usefulness. This has been largely down to the popularity and user friendlyness of the various on-line web based forums but, in the last six months, the level of traffic, the quality of postings and its usefulness has been improving. Like all NNTP newsgroups, you will be subject to huge amounts of spam mail if you post using a valid e-mail address.

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