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1st May

The weather in Suffolk has just been rubbish. We have a drought and severe flooding at the same time, here in Suffolk. Finally got the car out in sunshine to test my new Contour+ helmet cameraRemote site in the Fury R1.

8th May

The above clip was recorded on my new Contour+ video cameraRemote site. It is at 1280 × 720p resolution and at 50fps. It uses an external microphone, which is located inside the car and mounted on the shelf to my right (over the side pod).

26th May

Have sorted out my tickets for Goodwood Festival of Speed :-)

29th May

New Yokohama A048s My new Yokohama A048R tyres arrived today. Weighed them at 7.55Kg each. One advantage of having 13" rims (as well as brilliant handling) is that these tyres are quite cheap. I paid £70 each + VAT for them. Which is just as well really, since the last set managed just 1450 road miles. That's over 29p per mile on tyres alone. Money well spent though!

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