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Diary October 2005

22nd October 2005

Collected the chassis for my Fisher Fury R1 today and work has started!

24th October 2005

Lotus announce yet another limited edition Lotus Elise called the 'Sports Racer'. Only 199 will be built with a uniquely numbered dash plaque (Lotus always say that then go on and build another batch if they sell well). They are two variants of this limited edition car:
  • The first in Ardent Red with a single white stripe flanked by two thinner white stripes and with 'distinctive' white wing mirrors. The interior of the car is also unique, with matching red stitching set against black leather trim.
  • The second car is Nightfall Blue and has twin white stripesand white wing mirrors. It has blue stitching on the leather.
Both have a coloured (red or blue) Elise logo stitched into the headrests and Elise Sports Racer graphics. Both variants include ultra light-weight seven twin-spoke forged alloys (saving a 1.2Kg of unsprung weight per corner) and sports suspension, twin oil coolers and switchable Lotus Traction Control (LTC). The LTC is a new addition to the Elise range and positions the Elise yet further up the value chain and further away from its light-weight roots. But I guess that what the USA market wants.

The switchable engine-managed Lotus Traction Control System (LTC) is active above 5mph and works through the engine, reducing power when required to maintain traction. It apparently operates quicker than many brake-based systems. A Torsen-type limited slip differential (LSD) is also available as an option as is air-conditioning.

Standard equipment includes a colour matched hardtop, central door locking, electric windows, interior stowage net, sound insulation pack, black soft-top with sound/thermal insulation and black full carpet set. They also have LED rear lights.

Power comes from the 189bhp VVTL-i engine (133lb-ft of torque) and measn this variant hits 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and 100 mph in 13.0 seconds. Claimed top speed is 150 mph. Lotus have dropped the signature extruded aluminium pedals in favour of some new forged steel pedal arms and extruded aluminium pads. This unit is lighter and has an electronic throttle for quicker and smoother engine response, reduced brake pedal ratio and improved pedal feel for the brake and throttle. All three pedals have been better positioned for improved heel and toe. The cable-less throttle also ensures improves emissions.

The Lotus Elise Sports Racer is available from Lotus dealers in November 2005 at a recommended retail price of 31,995 in the UK.

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