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Diary December 2005

6th December 2005

Lotus have officially launched the new Europa S. It's a two-seater GT and is not a derivative of the Elise (it has been allocated a separate Lotus type number of 121, the Elise and Exige are 111). It's aimed at a higher value market to meet the needs of those requiring higher levels of practicality and refinement.

Using similar construction techniques to those of the Elise means the weight has been kept down to 995Kg. The 2.0-litre turbo engine produces 263 Nm or 194 lbft at 4200rpm and 149 kW (200hp or 203 PS) at 5400rpm, with 90% of the maximum torque available from 2000rpm. This equates to a 0-60mph time around 5.5 seconds 100 mph in 14 seconds. Maximum speed is 140 mph. The power to weight ratio is 201 hp / tonne. The price is expected to be the region of 33000.

7th December 2005

The kit car build is progressing reasonably well. I'd hoped to get the engine running before Christmas but this in not likely now. I'm still on track to get it on the road for May 2006 though. Rolling chassis is expected by end of December.

22nd December 2005

My Fury R1 is just about at the rolling chassis stage. It will be ceremoniously put on it's wheels and rolled out of the garage before the end of December. It is off to the exhaust fabricators in January to get a custom 4-2-1 stainless steel exhaust manifold fitted. I still plan to have the engine running before the end of February 2006.

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