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My Lotus Diary July 2004

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13th March 2004

Well it's been quite a few months! My life feels like it has been put on hold whilst I've been working full-time in London. Spending nearly 5 hours commuting each day, seriously restricts your ability to achieve anything of value outside of work. Fortunately, this episode in my life is over for now.

As far as the kitcar build goes, things have moved very slowly. I now have an increasing collection of donor parts in my garage but no kit to start building yet. Most importantly, I don't have a new Yamaha 2003 R1 engine and I've missed the window to buy one. Yamaha have now bought out a new 2004 model bike with a revised, more powerful engine.

To cut a long story short, I've changed my mind and I'm now looking to build a Fisher Sportscar Fury MenaceRemote site. The reasons behind this switch are:

  • The Menace is mid-engined. This provides better weight distribution and handling.
  • The 2004 R1 engine fits in this car without any problems.
  • The Menace is a wider car and I can fit a decent seat and not be in pain whilst driving. Both the Striker and Phoenix are a seriously tight fit for me.

I'm not planning to start my build until 2005, so I'm still considering other mid-engined options due soon from the likes of Sylva. My currently planned specification can be found on my personal web siteRemote site.

14th March 2004

The first, second-hand, Honda engined Elise I've seen is up for sale on E-BayRemote site. Looks like a bargain for that kind of performance.

The Lotus fix for the floor corrosion issue doesn't seem to be acceptable to many. Lotus appear to be offering to cover it over with some carpet mats but, they will fix holes in the floor.

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