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My Lotus Diary February 2004

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3rd February 2004

Auto car pits the new 111R against its most obvious rivel, the 2500 cheaper Vauxhall VX220 Turbo. Both claim 150mph and 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds but the Elise wins through with a better power to weight ratio of 220bhp/tonne verses the VX220's 212bhp/tonne. In the words of Autocar, the Elise has better traction in all weathers and inspires more confidence. It makes the VX220 feel clumsy and is both more hardcore and refined at the same time. They also reckon the Elise is also better value for money. Some bold claims indeed!

4th February 2004

EVO Magazine review the US variant of the new Elise and like it. Next month, they review the UK 111R. Channel 4's 4Car also review the new UK EliseRemote site. Like most of the reviews published so far, the brake feel and pedal travel comes in for some criticism but I'll wait till I've driven it myself before I read too much into this.

Seems to be plenty of Elises up for sale at the moment, both S1's and S2's. Some of the earlier and poorer examples are now sub 10k and it would seem plenty of people are picking up S1's in the 11-12k price range. I'm sure things will pick up in the next few months though.

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