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My Lotus Diary January 2003

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6th January 2003

Got a special offer leaflet through the post this morning from Lotus. Seems all new cars currently come with a free hard-top.

8th January 2003

Rather nice VX220 on-site at work this morning in bright yellow. Would have looked better with a body-coloured hard-top, rather than the silver one attached. The looks of this car have really grown on me. It looks so much better when following, than the Elise S2. What I don't like on the rear of the S2 is the way the rear diffuser cuts a huge whole in the rear of the car. I followed a black one the other day though and this was hidden, and it looked much better. The only bit I don't like about the rear of the VX220 though is the central, stacked exhaust. Even the Zonda doesn't carry off that particular design decision convincingly.

10th January 2003

The S2 111S features in the 2002 EVO car of the year competition and comes a respectable 5th. If I recall correctly, an Elise model has been in the running for this article, pretty much since it's launch, which is quite something. For the record, it was only beaten by the Honda NSX-R (64k), Porsche 911 C4S (66k), Ferrari 575M (162k), and the Mercedes SL55 AMG (89k). And all of these cars are simply too quick for UK roads. Yet again the Elise comes in for a bit of criticism for the brake feel and gear change, both of which can be easily overcome by simple after market modifications. Makes you wonder if Lotus will finally rectify these with the S3.

11th January 2003

Finally got my Vigor 2600we switch/firewall/WAP configured so I can update this site from anywhere in the house or garden! Certainly makes things easier. If you've got Broadband, I can recommend this box.

25th January 2003

Turns out my old Elise is still alive and running well and soon to be on the market again. The current owner was kind enough to send me a photo of the car, now with 22,000 miles on the clock and still running well. He's had no problems with it in his three years of ownership. It's being traded in for an S2 Elise.

Started to read a book I received for Christmas. The Trackday Drivers Guide by Art Markus. Very good book it is too. Wish I read it earlier.

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