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My Lotus Diary December 2003

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7th December 2003

Another head gasket failure on my Rover 200vi, this time at 40,000 miles. The dealer said that there was no way it would be covered this time. At six years old the car is well ouside of any warranty and 2½ years and 10,000 miles past the warranty offfered on the previous head gasket repair. Still doesn't make it acceptable though. Just because I do low milages, doesn't mean its OK to replace a head gasket every 20,000 miles! So I wrote to Rover. No response, so I phoned them up. They seemed to have lost my details, so I faxed all my service records through and finally got a response and a result. Rover are going to pay the full repair costs. Can't see the same outcome on an Elise somehow.

Car and Driver (US)Remote site get to test the new Toyota engined Elise which is US bound.

18th December 2003

Lotus announce the Pininfarina EnjoyPrevious Entry | Diary Index | Next Entry
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