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My Lotus Diary November 2002

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1st November 2002

Kesgrave exchange has passed the second test and will be ADSL enabled sometime around Christmas. This means this web site is about to get a whole lot bigger and more interactive.

The Scooby went today and I finally picked up my new Mazda 6. I'm going to miss it but it opens up some other doors.

19th November 2002

Lotus are now offering the Sport 135 upgrade free with every new car. A lot of people are reading a lot into this but as far as I've followed the Elise, Lotus have offered incentives to shift new cars at this time of the year. October to January is traditionally the slowest part of the year as far as sales of open top sports cars go. I must admit that this is perhaps the most generous offer from Lotus that I can recall though. It's also that silly season time of year again where I get to post hundreds of wanted ads for hard tops.

Plenty of rumours abound about GM engines in the next Elise. The Elise also has some new competition in the form of the AS One. Rather nice looking car with a 250bhp motorbike engine.

Today was the first time I've posted an advert for a sub 10k Elise. Check out the for sale / wanted page.

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