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My Owners Diary May 2001

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5th May 2001

Well the M250 is canned after much debate but to replace it a faster Elise S2 is on the way. Featuring a super-charged or turbo-charged engine and probably about 200bhp. I wonder if that's why Turbo Technics have been slow to announce an S2 upgrade (it may be that they are still waiting for and S2 themselves). The good news for those outside of the Uk is that it will be federalised for the US and other countries.

13th May 2001

Popped into my nearest dealer at the weekend with my wife so that she could have a look at the new Elise, and get used to the idea of one on the drive. She's not seen one yet and Edmondson Lotus have a Silver S2 demonstrator. In the sunlight it does look good but I'm not convinced its the best colour for this car.

17th May 2001

It is looking increasingly like Lotus and Turbo Technics have done a deal to produce a supercharged Elise S2 model. Power claims of 190bhp have been proven with the S1 and the latest claims are for a 240-260bhp model. Based on my experience of driving the TT190 upgrade for the S1, I really don't think you need anything faster the the TT190 on the road. The torque and power delivery is stunning. The S2 is better suited to accomodate the TT supercharger and its ancillary parts, have a larger engine bay and better cooling. The existing fake rear vents lend themselves to proper vents to assist cooling. There are also subtle features in-built on the S2 to further assist this upgrade path such as the ease with which an oil cooler could be installed.

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