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My Owners Diary January 2000

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1st January 2000

Bright sunny day and my hangover had just about gone by lunchtime so I went out for the first spin of the new millennium. Took my daughter out with me for some fresh air. It's as much fun to drive as it used to be so I guess you could say it's millennium compliant.

The River Orwell
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3rd January 2000

Bank holiday Monday and empty roads. Had a great trip up the A140 to Norwich and back even though it rained all the way. I can now start to feel if the tyre pressures are out. The steering and general ride feel slightly numb if they are under inflated.

10th January 2000

My Elise has gone into Stratton for the repair work required following my pheasant incident. Still off work with the Flu so I won't get a chance to miss it.

14th January 2000

Picked my car up this morning from Stratton. At £464.13 it proved to be one expensive pheasant. They've also re-skinned the passenger door under warranty.

I was almost tempted to take the hardtop off last week since the sun came out in force and today is just the same. What's the betting that if I do take it off this weekend we get three weeks of snow? I've noticed a gradual change in the brake feel over the last few months. There's definately more pedal travel under hard braking and it may be time to get some braided steel brake hoses fitted. This would be the first modification to my car.

Saw a Suzuki CappucinoRemote site at work today and it had a three piece hardtop on it just like I'm currently putting together for the Elise.

23rd January 2000

Finally had a chance to give the car a good clean this weekend and get to work on the alloys with some Wonderwheels. I've picked up a lot of stone chips over the winter months and I had a chance to closely inspect the repair work where the pheasant hit. For £464.13 Stratton repaired and resprayed a remarkably small area of paint work as the surrounding paintchips show. I'm also not too impressed with the paint finish in places, which are underneath the car and thankfully out of sight. I also had to tighten some of the screws and bolts on the passenger door which were very loose and it now shuts properly. It almost snowed at the weekend and is near freezing so the hardtop is going to stay on a while longer.

28th January 2000

Well, I've ordered a Subaru Impreza TurboRemote site from Holland, to replace the Rover 200vi which was getting too small for the family now that we've got two kids. Expect some interesting comparisons between the two cars in about 6 months time. A 5-door with metallic paint and air-conditioning for 16008! I might just sell the Elise and import a 111S. In fact I would if it didn't mean no Elise over the summer.

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