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My Owners Diary April 2000

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5th April 2000

Haven't missed my Elise as much as I thought I would, but then it has been raining and I've been too busy to drive anyway since it went.

9th April 2000

The new Exige makes it's debut at Brandshatch and rumours abound (see TopGear site) of another 340R variant. Can Lotus make too many new cars? The model range is expanding rather rapidly and it's getting very confusing to the average buyer like myself. What do I buy now to replace my old Elise?

13th April 2000

Had an interesting encounter with an Audi TT (turbo charged 180bhp, 0-60 in 7.9 secs) on the A140. I would never compare this particular piece of garage jewelry to the Elise but it makes for an interesting performance comparison. I was in my Rover 200vi which shares the engine with the Elise 111S and is quite quick (145bhp, 0-60 in 7.2 seconds). It feels slow compared to the standard Elise, except when you get above 90mph and by then the two cars must be quite close in straight line performance (though I've never measured it). They don't compare on the twisty bits. The Vi has the obvious advantage of being completely anonymous. I will spare you the boring details but, once we hit the empty dual-carriageway he pulled out into the outside lane expecting to pass, only to watch me slowly dissapear onto the distance. Bouncing off the redline in the first four gears will get you to 120+mph fairly quickly. Foot to the floor in fifth and the speedo will be just short of 140mph. He must have been gutted. The Elise would have crucified it.

15th April 2000

My Lotus dealer has a web site on-line now. I should know since I put it together for them, http://www.strattonmotorcompany.comRemote site.

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