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The Elise S2 has a close ratio (compared to the S1) gearbox as standard but some it's effect is negated by the larger diameter wheels.

Elise PartsRemote site offer a DIY kit to improve the quality of the gear change. The kits were produced with the help of Simon ScuffhamRemote site, an Elise enthusiast and racer. The first kit (50 + VAT) uses the existing cables but improves the linkages and bushers. This kit is aimed at normal road users of the Elise. The second kit includes improved cables (150 + VAT) as well and is aimed at track drivers. Also available is a quick shift (shortened gear lever). Another fitting guide with more detail has been produced by DanRemote site.


Just like the Elise S1, the S2 suffers from gearbox chatter on over-run. This is normal and simply due to the proximity of the gearbox to the driver. The chatter is worse in fifth gear and audible in fourth when you take you foot of the accelerator.

Selection of reverse can also be a problem, resulting in a loud crunch. All Rovers seem to do this too. The reverse gear on the K-series gearbox doesn't have a synchro. Some cars are worse than others, but usually releasing the clutch and trying again is the solution. The task is simplified if the gear is engaged slowly and with low revs. Some people find it easier to select fourth first.

On a new car the gear change can be stiff at first.This will free up with use, usually stabilising after a 5000+ miles. The more smoothly and gently you treat the gearbox when new, the better the change later in life.

A few owners have experience a high pitch whine and this is not normal. The dealer should rectify this under warranty and it may require a new gearbox.

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