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S2 Roof


The proposed gull-wing hard-top appeared in the first S2 brochure and was due in Summer 2001. In February 2002 Lotus announced that a single piece solid hard-top would be offered instead. This is identical to that used on the VX220 and with its introduction, a new roll-bar cover was introduced as standard to all new cars. This obviously required a new soft-top to match. With older cars, ordering the hard-top means you get a new roll bar cover and soft-top to macth.

Alternative suppliers of hard-tops include:

Middlemoor MouldingsNow produce hard tops for the S1 and S2 Elise.


The original soft-top is a slight advance over that used on the S1 Elise. It is certainly easier and quicker to erect.

In February 2002 the soft-top was modified to match the new roll-bar cover supplied (to allow a hard-top to be fitted). The new design is similar to that used on the VX220 in that it fits flush to the roll-bar cover, rather than going over the top of it. A revised soft-top no longer features the two extended 'tails' which run along the butresses and required tensioning. The new design is faster and easier to fit.

Applying Fabsil, an Autoglym equivalent or some other proprietry tent/clothing water repellant will improve its resistance to leaks.

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