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Internal Heater & Air Conditioning

February 2002

Lotus announce the introduction of their Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system for the S2. This includes an upgraded heating system and air-conditioning unit. The upgraded heater is not a standard fitment to new cars and is only included as part of the HVAC option. The system weighs 15kg and typically takes 7-8bhp from the engine. The air temperature and distribution is controlled from the new centre control panel. Air flow is delivered via the normal windscreen demist and foot vents, or via the four additional face level vents. The system recirculates

Air-conditioning changes to dash
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Air-conditioning additional air-vents
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Technical article from February/March 2002 Lotus Life magazine
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At Launch

The heater in the S2 gets some criticism due to its inability to heat the cabin properly. The heater matix fitted to the S2 has a similar size element and similar performance to the S1 but in practice it doesn't seem to work as effectively.
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