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S2 Exhaust System

As of June 2001, Lotus sold an after market sports exhaust for the S2 (part no. LOTAC05107), made by Janspeed and priced at 492.35 + VAT. Janspeed went into receivership, leaving Lotus with a supply problem that had a knock-on effect on the delivery dates of the Sport 135 upgrade kit.

As of Jan 2002, Lotus aftermarket sports exhausts are produced by CLF (Magnex in the retail world). Power increases of about 5% can be expected along with an improved sound track. The exhaust has been configured to not trip the check engine light but fitting a catalyst replacement pipe definately will. Legally, if the light illuminates, you are required to return the car to the dealer to be checked. Third party exhaust systems are not generally Lotus approved and will invalidate any engine related warranty. Lotus now only sell a stainless-steel sports exhaust for the S2 (part no. LOTAC05108) at £419.02 + VAT.

Exhaust Upgrades

Brooke KensingtonSell a stainless-steel sports exhaust for £295 plus VAT.
Power Train ProjectsSell a stainless-steel (304 grade) sports exhaust for £276 plus VAT. It has a lifetime warranty and is made by Janspeed Performance Exhausts who used to supply Lotus Cars.
Race SpeedSell a big selection of exhaust components in both mild steel and stainless steel.

Catalyst Replacement Pipes

Replacing the catalyst on the S2 is not possible legally and will normally trigger the OBD warning light. Recent tests have shown that on most cars it has not triggered the MIL yet if the sensors are left in place. Lotus assure owners that it will eventually. The catalyst replacement pipe has two small mounting points for the sensors.


The K4 ECU should detect a failed catalyst and trigger the MIL if it fails or is not present. Lotus state that it may take some time to trigger but it will trigger eventually. The delay is due to allowable tolerances in the ECU, which are desinged to avoid false triggering.

Exhaust Supports

The rubber exhaust supports have a limited life. You can get silicon ones that last longer.
Brooke KensingtonSell a catalyst replacement pipe for £76.38 inc VAT.
Christopher NeilSell a catalyst replacement pipe for £69 + VAT. P&P is £7.95.

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