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S2 Chassis

The S2 chassis is basically the same as the S1 chassis, except that the side rails have cut-outs to improve access to the car. These cut-outs have interlocking re-inforcements bonded in polace during assembly to minimise the impact of this change. The torsional regidity of the car is actually improved by about 7%, at the expense of a small reduction in bending strength. The first bending and torsional natural frequencies have also dropped by a few percent to about 70Hz. The chassis weighs about 4kg more than that of the S1.

The VX220 chassis is similar but is wider, heavier and longer to accomodate the GM engine.


It is a well known fact that aluminium will burn once a certain ignition temperature is reached. This means that a burnt out Elise leaves littel to reapir as the following sites show: Do carry a fire extinguisher in your car!


Some of the information on this page is from Nick Adams, the lead designer on the Elise S2, and was originally posted on the Lotus Life BBS.
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