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S2 Battery

With the Elise S2 the battery has been moved into the back of the car to provide room for the air-conditioning system. The removal of the main battery cable running from the front of the car has also saved 1.5kg in weight and the reduced battery cable length and associated voltage drop means a slightly smaller battery can be used, without losing any cold start performance, thus saving another 1kg in weight. The volume of the Elise S2 boot with the battery in it is about 20% larger than the original car.

Lotus offer two other batteries types for the Elise S2. There is a larger capacity battery, for use in cold climates (i.e a lot colder than the UK). There is also an ultra-light gel battery which is 3.7kg lighter than the standard fitment one. The gel battery is fine for normal road use, although it is not recommended for use with a car fitted with the alarm as the battery life from fully charged to 40% charged (which will guarantee a start at 0°C) will only be about 12 days. With only the immobiliser draining the battery it will last for about 19 days. The standard battery will take 25 days to reach 40% charge with the alarm set. The Elise S2 also features a lights on warning buzzer to prevent accidental battery drainage.

The S2 provide a remote positive terminal under the dashboard which is permanently connected and has at least 50A spare capacity. This is provided for ICE and satellite navigation equipment. It can just be accessed through the radio slot in RHD cars. The AirflowRemote site battery conditioner has been used by lots of owners to solve the problem of the battery discharging through lack of use. CalamanderRemote site sell this item over the web. Lotus now also sell one in their Elise mk II accessories brochure, part no. LOTAC05139 (UK version) and LOTAC05140 (European version). From the pictures it looks exactly like a Lotus badged Airflow product. A less sophisticated and cheaper product is sold by Race Technology.

Personally, I would recommend the Optimate III battery conditioner. I've used this on my NOT DEFINED and it is very good for keeping the battery alive when the car is not used over winter. It is also very good at reviving/charging flat batteries.

Unfortunately, you can't plug this into the cigarette lighter socket because it is switched into circuit via the ignition switch. Unless you modify the wiring to the socket, to bypass the ignition switch, it won't work.


Elise S2 information originally posted by Nick Adams on the Lotus Life BBS.
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