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S1 Wheels

Wheels are by far the most effective place to save weight. Not only is the overall weight reduced, but so is rotational mass (giving improved acceleration and braking). Crucially, the unsprung weight is also reduced which improves both ride and handling.

Standard S1 wheels weigh about 15 lb. The 'Motorsport' lotus wheels are actually a few pounds more! True magnesium wheels like Dymag or Speedline weigh at about 9 lb range. A full set results in a weight saving of about 30 lb saved but at a cost approaching £1600 for a set.

The balancing weights can be applied to the inside rim of the wheel to avoid unsightly weights on the outside rim. It is also possible to use stick on weights.

The wheel nuts are standard Rover 19mm nuts with M12 thread at 1.5 pitch. They are spherical seat and not tapered.


Christoper NeilSells 111S type wheels on-line. Front £185 + VAT, rear £225 + VAT.
Elise PartsStock a very light-weight aluminium wheel (OZ). The 15" is around 4.5 KG. Avaiable in 15, 16, 17 and 18". The S1 Elise will require the additional hub fitting kit (changes the PCD to 4 x 100 instead of 4 x 95.25 but a DIY fitment). A Full set of 15 and 16" (inc. hub kit) is approximately £1000.

Wheels Available

Elise S2 Silver

The Elise S2 wheel in silver.

Original Standard

The original standard car had an attractive five-spoke design which was unique to the Elise.

New Standard

This was replaced in May '99 with a six-spoke design which is much easier to clean. This is very similar to the 340R design below but doesn't have the split rim.

50th Anniversary

The same as the old standard wheel but in gold finish.


The Elise 111S has a new six spoke design which is not as nice as either of the standard cars wheels.


The Elise 340R is based on an Elise chassis is a track biased Elise limited edition. Production is limited to 340 so don't expect to see many on the road.

Sport 160

The 'Victory Five Spoke' wheel on the Sport 160 launched in February 2000.

Wheel Care

After a while alloy wheels can start to corrode. If small bubbles or white spots appear you need to get the wheels professionally refurbished. Products like Wonder Wheels will not help and can make things worse, since they are quite agressive. To maintain wheel appearance it is a good idea to wax and polish them after cleaning. This will also make brake dust easier to remove.
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