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Elise S2 Capes & Covers

Exterior Covers

If you leave your car outside an exterior cover is a good way of protecting the paintwork and engine bay from the elements, sunlight and birds, etc.

Lotus CarsSell a cover for the S2 Elise (part no. LOTAC05131). RRP is 179.48 and it can be ordered from your dealer. The covers has an Elise logo on the front.
Specialised Car CoversSell both indoor and outdoor covers for the S2. Outdoor covers cost under £200 and have no logo.

Capes & Shower Caps

This is a very handy way of leaving your car without the hassle of putting the soft top up. They can also be used in fair weather to protect your car from the sunlight and birds.

ElementalWell known for their high-quality and reasonably priced cape for the Elise S1. They are working on a cape for the S2 but could do with an owner to assist with measurements. If you live near Preston, drop them a line.

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