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Interior Accessories

Floor Mats

The best ones that I've seen and the ones that I've got for my car are the in the Lotus 'Original Performance Products' catalogue. These are fitted with sticky velcro strips but because they are so stiff they can just be dropped into place. They weigh practically nothing and do make things much more comfortable on your heels. They also look very good. Motobuild and Oakhill also sell some for about £70. If you find that these do crumple up then stick a stiff bar (2mm perspex x 1 inch wide) along the underside edge of each mat.

The official Lotus ones are made by Autostyle Car Mats and can be purchased for direct for £50 a pair. Unfortunately they are not allowed to sell them to the public with the Lotus logos on. The Elise S1 mats are a different shape to the Elise S2 mats due to a different centre tunnel.

Autostyle Car Mats now produce a full kitRemote site for the Elise and Exige from about £250.

Carbon Door Panels

Oakhill sell these.


Clive ReedRemote site has an advert for some aluminium lighting stalks for the Elise at £45 per pair. Motobuild also sell a turned aluminium heater knob for £12.50 + VAT.

Gear Gate

Motobuild sell a polished aluminium gear lever gate. Note that this will fit the Elise S2 but not perfectly.

Gear Knob

KPM Racing supply various types of gear knobs from about £12.00 upwards. Light DesignRemote site sell illuminated gear knobs in various finishes.

Hand Brake

Bryan Purves supply a chrome handbrake button.

Interior Trim

Lotus also sell some aluminium studs to replace the plastic door trim fixings and these do improve the interior effect. KPM Racing also sell some at a similar price. Better still you can buy these at a much more reasonable price from Aerotek Special FastenersRemote site.

Nelmes of Romford will respray your dash strips to match the body colour for £125


Lotus Club MalaysiaRemote site have developed blue LED lighting for the Elise S1 Stack unit.

Starter Button

There are plenty of very nice cars (McLaren F1, Zonda C12, Aston Martin Vanquish, Morgan Aero 8), that have them but personally I can think of no reason why anyone would add a starter button to the Elise. To add additional complexity and weight for no added value is not in keeping with the Lotus philosophy but, each to their own. There are various companies that sell them, such as Demon Tweaks, Elise Parts and RichbrookRemote site but a suitable push switch and relay can be bought from most on-line electronics suppliers (RS Components, Maplin, etc.) for a lot less money.

This link shows you how to install one and this link shows you where to buy one

Window Winders

These have the same fittings as Mini window winders, but Mini winders are considerably cheaper. See the Lotus 'Original Performance Products' catalogue. Brooke supply aluminium window winders for about £48.00 + VAT + P&P. KPM Engineering supply aluminium window winders in green, blue, silver, red, violet, and gold for about £29.50 inc P&P.
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