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Capes & Covers

There are lots of manufacturers selling capes and covers for the Elise at various prices and quality.

Capes & Shower Caps

This is a very handy way of leaving your car without the hassle of putting the soft top up. They can also be used in fair weather to protect your car from the sunlight and birds.

Produce capes in various colours (see site for price/colours), starting from £85 (inc VAT + P&P).

The cheapest at £49 and looks very light.


Specialised Car Covers sell a cotton indoor dust cover for the Elise (white cotton £135 + VAT, coloured cotton £150 + VAT), with Lotus logo. They also do an outside dual purpose 'Evolution 4' cover (£170 + VAT), no logo.


R. D. Enterprises Ltd. (based in the USA) sell the ultimate in car covers, an air capusule to enclose your Elise. Check out this pageRemote site for more details.

Hard Top Storage

  • ImpactaRemote site advertise a hard top storage bag on their web site for Lotus cars at about 100.

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