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Timing Accessories

Lap Timers

Rollcentre sell a lap timer. Bear in mind that this will exclude you from most track day sessions due to insurance restrictions on the track day organisers and on your own car.

The RacelogicRemote site V Box uses GPs for high accuracy timing and is fitted in seconds. Expensive at £4600.


G-TechRemote site produce a device to measure a cars performance.

Demon TweeksRemote site also sell similar equipment.

Race TechnologyRemote site produce the AP-22 data logging performance meter, which can be connected to a PC serial port for off-line analysis. It requires no connections to the car. There is a good reviewRemote site of the AC-22 (without PC connection) on-line. It can also be bought on-line from Race Speed. I've got one of these and it is very good.

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