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Security Devices

The Elise is not a very secure car by any standards. Even when locked the doors can be opened by the inside door catches and this then gives access to the boot release catch and hence the contents of your boot. A stunning piece of design work by Lotus, not!

Alarms & Immobilisers

The Elise S1 cames with a alarm as standard and an optional Thatcham category 1 alarm. This optional alarm is actually an essential, since it makes the car much harder to steal and will reduce your insurance premiums. Later cars come with this as standard fitment.

In-Car Entertainment

If you fit a CD/tuner in the Elise make sure you get a removable one or one with a removable front as a very minimum. Don't leave this in the boot since access to the boot can easily be gained with no roof on.


Apart from the alarm, there is nothing to stop someone undoing the hand brake and pushing your Elise away. What Car?Remote site have reviewed and tested several security devices to protect your Elise. The Elise did particularly badly when it came to door lock security.

  • The Halfords High Security Steering Wheel Shield was the winner of the What Car? 1998 security product tests in its category. It costs about £50.
  • The Mul-T-Lock was the winner of the What Car? 1998 security product tests in its category. It costs about £200 including fitting.

Removeable Steering Wheel

Lotus sell a sports removeable steering wheel which provides a great theft deterent (providing you don't leave it in the car). This is not designed as security device though and the lock is not secure and has one of a very small number of combinations. It is a fairly trival task to steal the steering wheel! A removeable steering wheel can make access easier but they don't last forever and do wear out.

Tracking Devices

The Securicor Trackbak system is in constant communication with your car and will signal if your car is stolen without the ignition key.

The Tracker system is passive and if you car is stolen the Police can start enable it and start to locate your car. There is also a new version with 24hr monitoring that will result in the owner being contacted if triggered. This latter costs about £299 + VAT + fitting. TrackerRemote site can be contacted on 0500 090909.

There may be compatabilty problems with the Cobra alarm system option which must not be removed/disabled or your Thatcham category 1 cover is removed and your insurance may be invalid.

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