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2012 Lotus Elise

2012 'face lifted' Elise

The facelifted 2012 Elise gets a 'cheery new face' with a revised front bumper, splitter and clamshell. It also comes with LED daytime running lights. At the back, the engine cover and rear bumper have been revised.

The entry-level Elise gets a new 1.6-litre, 134bhp four-cyclinder petrol engine - the first time the Elise has been fitted with a 1.6. It emits 'under 155g/km of CO2'. Lotus claims this gives it 'the lowest CO2 per performance for any petrol high-performance sports car in the world'.

The 189bhp 'R' and 218bhp supercharged 'SC' Elises are powered by the same 1.8-litre engine and their CO2 emissions remain at 196g/km and 199g/km respectively.

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