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19th July

The weather in Suffolk has just been bonkers for this time of the year. Have managed to get so many good drivesRemote site in.

It's been nearly five years of Fisher Fury R1Remote site ownership now and it's got me thinking. Just what could ever replace my current car?Remote site It is inspired by my Lotus Elise S1 but, takes it in a totally different direction to where Lotus are going with the Elise.

26th July

Drove up to Snetterton today in my new Mazda 6Remote site. Still haven't even done 1000 miles in it! I took my son up for the Charity Race Day ExperienceRemote site as there were a huge number of interesting cars listed as coming and the chance for us to get a ride in some of them. This really was a great day out and well worth the £ entrance fee (per car). The cars going round the track were split into three groups; Group A (£60), Group B (£40) & Group A (£20). It wasn't hugely clear what cars were in which group but supercars and dedicated race cars were Group A. I think there were also some classic cars which were £10. For you money you got three laps around the circuit.

AB Performance Sabre One of the main cars we had come to see was the new Sabre race car designed and built by Andy Bates (as seen on Dragon's Den). Andy runs AB PerformanceRemote site and does work on my Fisher Fury R1Remote site.

As luck would have it, I paid my money for my son to have a ride and it pulled up outside the pit garage. This is Andy strapping him in and Derek Jones behind the wheel.

AB Performance Sabre with my son on-board My son had a gentle lap to start with and then some more at near race speeds. This car is using a Honda Fireblade 2008 engine and is putting out some serious power. On the Revett Straight it was capable of doing over 140mph.
AB Performance Sabre with my son, coming into the pitlane Needless to say, my son loved the experience. I was very tempted myself.

It's fair to say that there was a huge selection of race cars there but also a lot of exotica. Loads of Ferraris, a couple of Lamborghinis, TVRs and even a Shleby Cobra Daytona, which might possibly have been the most valuable car there.

McLaren MP4-12C Would have loved to had had a ride in this but, there was a big queue. Simply love this car and would buy one tomorrow (if I could and had the money to do it). This is the first MP4-12C I've seen that hasn't been on a stand. Also got to get inside and have a good look around.

Love the way the doors open on this car too. Interestingly though, once open you get to see some not so high-tech fixings and engineering exposed on the door edges. Even in a supercar like this, the ability to perfect every bit of engineering is just not realistic. Compromises always have to be made and this was one thing I learnt building my Fury. Sometimes you just need to design less and build more, if you ever want to finish.

View over the pit garage There were also a lot of more typical track-day cars, race cars and touring cars. This photo was shot on an iPhone 4 using the 'Pro HDR' app.

Watch this space ... more pictures coming!

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