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30th September

At the Paris motorshow Lotus showed off six new models, including this new Lotus Elise due for launch in 2015.

Lotus Elise It willmost likely use the same extruded aluminium bonded chassis chassis technology.
Lotus Elise This planned car will be a little bit longer and thus provide better access.
Lotus Elise As with the current car, it will be available as a coupe (Exige) or a roadster. A hardcore R-model is also planned. Power will be via a supercharged 2.0-litre Toyota four-cylinder engine providing around 300 to 350bhp.
Lotus Elise It will have a 'robotised' manual gearbox and stop-start technology.
Lotus Elise This will be the first Elise to weigh over 1000Kg :-(
Lotus Elise Starting prices will increase, with the base model being around £40,000

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