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28th March

Drove down to Brands Hatch with my son today, to watch the Elise Trophy race and some other races. Last time I was down at Brands Hatch, I was in my own Lotus Elise for a track day. Also got to drive a Lotus Esprit and a few other cars. Arrived nice and early and got a chance to look round the pits and pit lane area and chat to drivers and pit crews. I know some of the names through my Lotus Elise web siteRemote site and the various Lotus Internet forums.

Its amazing how close to can get to the action. Nearly got run over in the pit lane prior to one Lotus race.

Race Start

Got a bit trigger happy with the camera and took 470+ photos. My first attempt at motorsport photography, so many need to be binned. Currently on an FTTP trial so you can find the best 200 odd hereRemote site.

29th March

Spend a few hours at Hangar 111 this morning with the Fury plugged into their exhaust gas analyser, whilst I tweaked my Power Commander map for my Fisher Fury R1Remote site.

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