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18th January

Pictures of the new '2011' Elise are out from Lotus. This NOT DEFINED../../models/2010/facelift/index.phpNOT DEFINEDnew modelNOT DEFINED is a facelift to the existing S2 cars and not a true S3 Elise yet.

20th February

Bright and sunny day but freezing cold. Had to scrape ice of the inside of my commute car. Weather was too sunny and the roads too dry, to not take the chance to go out in the Fury though. Great fun if not slightly cold.

20th January

The rubbish weather has finally forced me to buy a spare set of alloys for my family/tow car and stick a set of winter tyres on it. A set of Goodyear Ultragrip 7+ tyres came in at £430 fitted (set of four) and the alloys were another £150 (second hand) on top of that. At least I can keep on moving when we have a bit of ice and snow now. Will leave them on the car, until the temperature reaches 8ºC. Has got me thinking about what the perfect family car is. More on that to follow.

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