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Lotus Elise Diary - November 2008

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18th November

I was lucky enough to visit the Renault F1 team headquarters in Enstone this week, as part of my day job. I was blown away by the focus these guys all have on making their F1 car go faster. I was given a tour of the chassis design and manufacturing facilities and the money involved in saving tiny amounts of weight is breathtaking. Even more so, because they then go and add ballast to get the cars back up to their racing weight!

If you like the thought of engineering components in titanium and carbonfibre then this is the place to be. The money-no-object (well almost) approach has resulted in the most amazing set of automotive development, construction and test facilities I've ever seen. Their new, underground Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) centre is simply amazing and aims to improve the aerodynamics of their cars by modelling and testing without using wind tunnel. And they have a huge one of those too, that would fill your average sports hall!

If only I had access to that kind of technology and toolset when building my next car :-(

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