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Lotus Elise Diary - June 2008

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21st June

This videoRemote site caught my eye this today. An Elise with 450bhp and a driver that appears to know how to use it!

24th June

Followed a rather nice black S1 Elise this morning and it got me lusting after one again. It looked beautiful and I briefly day-dreamed about the practicality of the Elise and its all weather ability. For a moment I even contemplated trading in the Fury for an Elise but, the old niggle about insurance and running costs bought me back to reality and then I put my foot down and realised I'd simply miss the noise, the acceleration and the whole raw experience of a bike-engined car. To open the garage door in the morning and have the choice of taking the Elise or the Fury is still one of my goals.

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