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Lotus Elise Diary - May 2008

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15th May

What a glorious two weeks of driving weather we've been having, though it hasn't been without the odd problemRemote site as far as the Fury is concerned.

16th May

My new toy arrived today. I actually bought this to take pictures and video on my kites and radio controlled plane but, I've spotted an opportunity to get some wacky footage by attaching it to various bits of the car. It's a very compact digital video recorderRemote site which generates .avi files at 25fps and at 640 x 480 pixels. I bought mine from HeliguyRemote site for about 44 delivered. For the money it is dead impressive. 2Gb SD card allows about an hour of video recording. It can do stills at 1280 x 960, stills sequence (one every 4 seconds) and it's got a PIR to act as security video recorder too!

A sample video clip taken by sticking it to the headrest of my Rover. Not the best example but I'll update in a day or so.

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